Committed to Caring, Dedicated to Dignity

Founded on the principles of compassionate care, Angel Wings Adult Family Home has been a guiding light since 2007. With purpose-built homes in Normandy Park and beyond, we take pride in offering spaces that prioritize individual well-being and comfort. Our commitment to creating an environment that exudes warmth and respect has allowed us to serve countless families over the years.

What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence, integrity, and empathy. Each member of our team is committed to ensuring that our residents experience a haven of care, surrounded by understanding and personalized support. We understand the importance of this chapter in your loved one’s life, and we are here to be their home—a place where they can find comfort, security, and the companionship they deserve. Angel Wings Adult Family Home is not just a place; it’s a family that cares for yours.


At Angel Wings Adult Family Home, our mission is to provide a haven of compassionate care, respect, and dignity for our residents. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that promotes individual well-being, fosters a sense of belonging, and ensures personalized support. With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and empathy, we strive to enhance the quality of life for each resident entrusted to our care. Our goal is to be a guiding light, offering comfort, security, and a home filled with warmth and understanding for those in their golden years.


Angel Wings envisions a home where residents flourish with dignity and well-being, offering a nurturing environment that transforms the aging experience into a journey filled with warmth and understanding.

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